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The Test_Presenation_March-06.png

"The Test" is a short film aimed at children and young adults and was written and will be directed by Alexandros Tsilifonis. Its total duration will be approximately 13 minutes and the shoot will take place in London.

Romana Lobach, Paul Typaldos and Tibo Travers will be the main producers leading the project. In this capacity, they have identified this script as one that may appeal to an international audience thanks to the experience of the director who has spent significant time both in Greece and in the United Kingdom, as well as the theme of dyslexia which is one that is recognizable around the globe.

"The Test" offers a sensitive approach as it addresses the important issue of dyslexia, which continues to affect people of all ages, genders and cultures. While it is clearly a global issue, it is also one that continues to remain marginalized. The director, through his own personal experiences, illuminates the issue in a positive and creative way, often using subversive humor to challenge stigmas and preconceptions. We believe that there are very few European films that target young audiences and that there is an opportunity to open a door to this underserved market. Once "The Test" has been completed, we intend to apply to film festivals that are aimed at young audiences.

The target audience for "The Test" are children and young adults who face the challenges of being dyslexic, as well as their parents, guardians and peers. Additionally, by shining light on this important issue, we hope that the film impacts educators and educational institutions across the world. Our goal is a lofty one: to show the film in any and every classroom where a child or young adult is dealing with dyslexia or falls under the neurodivergent spectrum.


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The budget of the film is estimated at approximately £57,000. We successfully raised 90% from the National Greek Broadcaster ERT S.A (£20,000), from the Greek Film Centre (£16,000) but also received in kind services from Central Athens Film Productions (£10,000) and equipment from the National Film and Television School (£7,300).

In order to complete the financing for this film, we intend to contact government Agencies, production companies, as well as nonprofits that promote awareness regarding dyslexia, in the hopes that they may provide either funding or in-kind services.


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The Cast

Matthew Stagg


Making his acting debut in 2015 with Justin Kurzel's war drama Macbeth, Matthew Stagg is an English child actor. The movie was based on William Shakespeare's play of the same name saw Stagg star alongside Michael Fassbender, and Marion Cotillard. Since making his debut Stagg has acted in movies like the crime-thriller The Chameleon (2015), and the drama Mum's List (2016). Stagg made his TV debut with the spy thriller, London Spy (2015). He played the younger version of one of the lead characters. Stagg was also seen in the BBC One The Bodyguard (2018) and A very British Scandal: The Duchess of Argyll [2021]



Originally from Dublin, Killian is a London actor. In late 2020, he landed the role of Dessy O’Malley in the newest season of Call The Midwife (BBC1/Netflix) scheduled for release in mid 2021. In quick succession he filmed for Season 8 of Endeavour (ITV/PBS), playing the role of George Sellars, set for transmission in late 2021. Killian can also be seen in the BBC/Hulu BAFTA and EMMY nominated series Normal People.  He also had a major part in award winning Irish film 'Rosie' about a family who are evicted and desperate to avoid homelessness, written by Roddy Doyle. 

Meet The Team


Alex Tsilifonis

Originally from Athens Greece, Alex is a neurodivergent London-based director. He is the recipient of the 1st National Prize of the Nespresso Talents (Cannes Film Festival 2020), his latest short film "Rookie" screened at OSCAR and BAFTA Qualifying festivals and in 2021 he directed "The Cellist", an advert for McDonald’s (Porsche Awards 2022). He is also a graduate of the MET Film School (Ealing Studios), got his first TV credit at the age of 27 and now he is on track to direct his debut feature film "National Road" later this year. 


Sweetdoh Films is a creative media company that focuses on the production of fiction, documentary and commercial films, and in the organisation of screenings, professional tutorials and workshops. 


Our films have been funded by BFI, Film London and Ffilm Cymru Wales, aired on Canal+, Vice TV and RTÉ, and were distributed by NiTV, Premium Films and Shorts International.


They have earned two BAFTA long lists and screened at some of the most prestigious festivals around the world.

Sweetdoh Films has also produced TV series and documentaries for major UK based production companies including Raw TV, Passion Pictures, and Minnow Films, creating work that screened at cinemas globally and aired on networks including National Geographic, CNN Films, BBC and Netflix.


AKRAN is a Greek production company that was formed by Romanna Lobach. Romanna has been working in the film industry as an actress since she was 11 and has performed in more than 20 films, and in the advertising industry since 2016.


As artists with a wide range of interests and experiences in both traditional and alternative media platforms, they are inspired by working with like-minded collaborators who similarly value the importance of flexibility, diversity, and collaboration. These are the guiding principles for the company which inform its decision-making processes and define its working environment.


The company aims to embody the diverse professional backgrounds of all its collaborators, thus bringing a rich and dynamic point of view to each creation. This past two years AKRAN produced three short films, developed and completed an advertising campaign for an NGO which was awarded the Ermis Award, and produced a theatrical play for the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. They also collaborated with Nespresso and represented the Hellenic Film Academy at the 10th anniversary Ceremony Awards.


AKRAN is currently producing fifteen projects, (Feature, documentaries, short films) which are in different stages of development. Among the short films that are in development, five have already received funding from the Greek Film Center, National Broadcaster (ERT), and MEDIACreative Europe. AKRAN is currently in the process of applying for additional funding for these projects, while simultaneously exploring co-production opportunities where appropriate.

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