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(12 minutes, United Kingdom, 2017)

An old lady that microwaved her cat and now she seeks compensation. The attorneys set up a mock trial to examine the plausibility of winning the case. Based on this absurd premise the short film explores the struggle of everyday people, especially of a certain age, trying to cope with the evolution of technology.

2018 - Silly Shorts Film Festival - Award Winner Best Cinematography

2018 - UK Offline Web Fest - Finalist

2018 - Brighton Rocks Film Festival - Official Selection

2018 - Indie Filmmaker Showcase - Official Selection

2018 - Beer Town Film Festival - Official Selection 


Mike Aherne | Toni Brooks | Helen Bang | Wilson Benedito | Nero Huang | Ian Mcnaughton | Tom Bonington


Written & Directed: Alexandros Tsilifonis

1st Assistant Director: Giulia Gandini

Production Manager: Josephine Churchill
Director of Photography: James Ducker
Gaffer: Elena Nassati, Vianney Kernanet Huggins
Production Designer: Chris Brake
Makeup artist: Laureen Roberts
Storyboard: Aliki Liki
Editor: Angela Despotidou
Color grader: Marco Valerio
Composer: David Rowntree
Sound Designer: Harry J.N Parsons

Executive Producers: George Lemos, Mathew Alajogun, Giannis Froussos.

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